Saturday, September 30, 2006

Game Day

I must work today for LSU's home game against Miss. State. I do, however, have a plan to see the game. I woke up this morning at about 350 A. M. and went to Wal-Mart to buy an adapter for my small hand-held TV. I will get to see the game. I know it is just State, but I don't like to miss any game. I'll be looking forward the whipping the Tigers are going to give the Bulldogs today.

On a side note. I did get tickets to the Alabama game this week. I was able to secure the tickets from an unlikely source. . . the Alabama Athletic Department. Mrs. Purple Tiger and I will be in the middle of the Crimson Tide faithful in Death Valley. Not my ideal situation, but I take the tickets as I can get them until I am able to somehow acquire season tickets. (long shot, I know)

My brother-in-law is from here and now lives in Orlando. His best friend there is an Alabama Alum and they attend the 'Bama and LSU contest every year. Somehow, he was able to get tickets for my wife and I for the game in Tiger Stadium. This is the second or third time he has been able to get tickets for an LSU game for me. I even had tickets to the Florida game in The Swamp if I had been able to make the trip. I am extremely grateful to him for all he has done to feed my LSU football fix. THANKS JEFF!

I'll be in Tiger Stadium in spirit today. Geaux Tigers.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Night Fright

I was making my midnight round in the unit, when lo and behold. . .a racoon. Let me tell you something, when one of these critters is agitated, you do not want to be close to it.
I was walking around one of our towers on the second deck logging my readings. After turning around writing down my pressure on one of the vessels, the healthiest racoon I have ever seen, was right in front of me about 2 feet away. It was not happy to see me there. It scared the living hell out of me. You don't expect anything up there to jump out at you at 12 in the morning. When I started walking away he slowly followed me for about 5 feet, then turned around and went under one of the supports of the tower that I walked by. This is the first time in my 5 years here that I have seen anything like this in the structure.

Saturday, September 23, 2006


Well, the smartest thing Tulane did all night was not let their starting QB back in the game. I'm sure he needs a few Aleve after this sack by Dorsey. I think I'll take a 49-7 score. I'm sure Miss. State is REALLY looking forward to coming into Tiger Stadium next weekend.
I see that Tigersmack's corndog took another big hit this weekend. Good luck next week Comeaux!
Geaux Tigers,
Purple Tiger 006

Friday, September 22, 2006

My Little One

I just had to post a picture of my little girl playing her first season of soccer. Luckily, the organizers of the league thougt it would be a good idea to play on Sundays this fall to not interfere with LSU Football. By the way, if there was a conflict, I would happily miss the football game to watch the little Purple Tiger 006 play.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

My Rant


What an AMAZING country we live in. What other nation in the world would let an hostile foreign head of state into their country and absolutely trash the country's leader? Hell, I know this has nothing to do with LSU Football, but WTF?

To top it off, Chavez goes to a church in Harlem the next day and continues to rant and rave about the 'devil' to applause. Wait. . .Did I miss something? I can tell you one thing, I used to like Danny Glover, but I wish that bullet in Lethal Weapon #whatever, would have ended his spot in that particular franchise.

Memo to Chavez: Get back to your country and fix your own country and stop spewing your illogical and insane rhetoric here!

Now that's off my chest, Geaux Tigers. Have a great time at the Tulane game everybody, I'll be listening to the game on the radio, because I'll be at work making double-time listening to the game.


Purple Tiger 006


I'm playing around with my blog layout. Please forgive any unneccessary movements. I'm just working it out.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Long Night

Aw Hell. . .

After watching the first half of the LSU/Auburn game at my parents' house I made my way, somewhat comfortable, to work. LSU and Auburn were in the midst of a SEC battle and I had to miss the second half on TV. Auburn's only scoring drive left me feeling nervous but confident that there was time left in the game for LSU to put something together.

Oh, but it was not meant to be. After a penalty that gave Auburn a first down on a 3rd and 29, I had a sinking feeling in my gut. The Tigers stopped Auburn a few plays later, but with precious time coming off the clock. LSU had their chances, however, Auburn's defense kept them from the end zone.

The penalties that were called on the two last drives of each team seemed to contribute to the outcome of the game. It doesn't mean that the pass interference call on the interception or the overturn of the alleged pass interferene call lost the game. If Russell wouldn't have taken the sack on the last drive with time running off the clock, LSU might have had enough time to run one more play from the 5 yard line with 15-20 seconds on the clock.

The loss was painful. Not only because it almost certainly keeps LSU out of the SEC Championship Game, but it made this night at work very long indeed.

LSU has 2 home games coming up before they have to travel to Florida to play a Gator team that pulled out a last quarter win at Tennessee. I have to revise my prediction of the Tigers' season. I originally thought that they would drop 2 of the 4 road games. I now think they could possibly run the table if the offense can put any running game together. I really believe that Auburn's defense is the toughest that LSU will see for the rest of the season. I know that the Tigers will bounce back. They must if they want even a chance to play for the Western Division title. I know that Auburn must lose two, but stranger things have happened. Not very likely though.

Ready for Relief and Ready for Bed,

Geaux Tigers and L8R,

Purple Tiger 006

Friday, September 15, 2006

Roach Coach


I'm the last one to complain about how someone prepares food in their own kitchen. On Monday of this week, one of the operators had a little 'surprise' in his boxed lunch from one of the trucks. Looking at the title of this post you can hazard a guess on what he found in his red beans after he had eaten half of the lunch. I have never seen lunch boxes disappear off of the table quicker than they did that day. Before, the other guys started eating they were kidding me about my frozen french bread pizzas that I put in the oven. Well, I had a full stomach while the others were left hungry for the rest of the afternoon.

The tech who found the little critter in his lunch proptly began calling the other control rooms to warn them about the incident. After that, he went out front to get his money back from the vendor. When he showed the guy the roach in the box, the guy had the nerve to ask him, "Do you want your money back?"

DUDE, What the HELL do you think ?!!???

The following day, the guard at the gate said there were no operation technicians eating from that particular truck. I wasn't too keen on that one anyway, but this little 'incident' sealed the deal for me.

I have asked a couple of guys to post any stories or anecdotes they hear while they are at work. So, if you see any others posting to this blog, it is with my permission. There are so many stories here that I need a lot of help to get them down.

By the way, the Tigers will win this weekend. . . The purple and gold ones that is.

Geaux Tigers! I'll be pulling for them even though I'll probably miss most of the fourth quarter.


Purple Tiger 006

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Saturday Night in Death Valley

Don't let the title fool you. I didn't make it to the game Saturday night. I did, however, watch it on Tigervision.

Look, I know we were playing USL err. . . UL-Lafayette, but there couldn't be a better way to kick off the 2006 season. USL gets a good payday without having to travel to the Big-House, and their fans get to drive down I-10 to do some out-of-town drinking on the campus of LSU.

I believe JaMarcus Russell did look improved over last season. I am a little concerned about Justin Vincent. I thought I saw him limp off the field in the 1st half. If anyone knows anything please let me know. Alley Broussard finally got in the game and looked pretty good. I know it was against a tired and almost defeated USL defense, but I think it was a nice spot for him to get his game legs back after his injury last year.

I just read a blog from and came away laughing. Evidently, there is a DUDE on the Ragin Cajun dance team. WHAT ?!!??? What the hell is that all about? The poster for the tigersmack blog said that the big screen in the stadium focused on him for the entire song. I don't know about you, but a guy on a college football dance team seems somewhat. . . wrong.

I'm looking forward to next week when the 'Cats come into Death Valley. I'll actually be there with the rest of the Tiger Faithful getting drunk, loud, and hopefully after getting laid. (sidenote: don't tell my wife that I'm going to try to hit on her Saturday)

By the way, the decision to eliminate "Tiger Rag" from the pregame because of student "vulgarity" is absolutely riduculous!

Geaux Tigers and Looking for Overtime,