Wednesday, March 18, 2009

One of the funniest Marketing Campaigns EVAR!

Man, you guys have to check out this advertising campaign by Gatorade. It is called "The Quest for G" If any of you are fans of 'Monty Python and the Holy Grail' then you will truly appreciate this video. The link is: http:


Let me know what you think.

You can also click on the title of the post to jump to the video.

I wish I could embed the video, but I don't think it is an option from Gatorade's site.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Teh Social Network

I was one of those people who, not so long ago, wondered, what benefit could Myspace or Facebook be to me? "Hottest Girls of Myspace," notwithstanding. (Google it, trust me.) Then, I began wondering about my 20 year class reunion. I was struck with a revelation. Kinda like a ton of bricks. (BTW, thanks Tyson for pointing me in the right direction!) Why not try one of the social networking sites.

If you've read previous posts you'll get this next reference. Lo and behold (cue Monty Python animated interlude from "Holy Grail") there are people whom I have completely lost contact with. Even some that do not live very far from me, but with the same issues I have with limited time for contact. I am very pleased to note that all I have to do is click my mouse and I have a friend. Man, is this cool or what? But wait, there is this strange box which I have to type the words EXACTLY as they are written or some sort of error pops up. What the hell? Dude, I thought this 'Friend' thing was supposed to be easy. However, I am just clicking away requesting friends all over the place. Hopefully, I can get off my lazy ass and restore some sort of contact with these people I find truly interesting and intriguing.

If any of you guys are out there reading this, please feel free to comment here and drop me an email. I am forever looking for more than two people to visit this posting per week. If I can increase readership to three, I might even post more often. Please don't let that threat chase you off, though.

I truly miss all of you and wish to talk with each and every one of you whenever possible. I am also excited that I will be able to introduce Mrs. Purple Tiger to all of my friends that I have lost touch with. Hey guys, don't hold it against her that she graduated from St. Amant, she does have some redeeming qualities. She has become a HUGE LSU fan. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I was able to cultivate a kernal of interest in LSU into a full blown LSU, bleeds purple and gold woman. It can't get much better than that.

Other than she puts up with my bullshite more often than not. Hey, drop me an email and we can talk. I'll try to keep the blog up better in the future.

Later everybody,

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

UPDATE on Previous Post

I have been following the blog from a previous post for some time now. It is absoulutely indescribable what these individuals are going through. To be deployed for 12 to 18 months, become discharged, move on with your life and. . .BOOM! Some envelope shows up on your doorstep to let you know that you still owe them some more time. That is straight up BULLSHIT!!! Those people that signed on the dotted line performed their duty when they deployed. If their enlistment is up, then let them go. This is a crime against the individuals who are performing a service to our country. This is the update that Alex wrote about:

A Man at Sunrise
For the past month I've been writing about my best friend Steve. He had been out of the Army for more than a year before he was ordered to report for medical screening and inevitably a deployment to Iraq. Having done more for his country in three years than the sum of whole organizations (I'm looking at you,
College Republicans), Steve was once again called upon to do the work so many have shunned over the last eight years. I am more than relieved to report that today his exemption from involuntary mobilization has been granted and his orders canceled. Many people congratulate you when you get out of the Army like you're getting out of jail, but getting out of the IRR is like leaving purgatory behind. So many congratulations for Steve. Your future is back in your able hands. Now squeeze that GI Bill for all its worth!

As for the many more veterans in the IRR, I'm not giving up on this plight now that my friend is safe. There are still daily injustices that must be corrected, not only dealing with recall but the other back door draft of stop loss.

Thank you all for your e-mails and comments of support for Steve and others in his unenviable position. I truly appreciate it.

If you haven't visited his blog. Go there and take a look. It is an interesting take on things.