Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Go with God Marquise

Marquise Hill, former LSU defensive end and current New England Patriot, died in a tragic accident on Lake Pontchatrain this weekend. I just want to send out my prayers to his family and friends.

What should have been a fun-filled weekend turned tragic when Hill and some friends were riding jet-skis on the lake. Hill and a female friend were thrown off the craft and they were not wearing life vests. The friend credits Hill with saving her life. He disappeared shortly after the girl was able to hold onto a nearby water pylon.

I will terribbly miss this gentleman. He was a great player and a stand-up representative for both LSU and his current New England team.

Friday, May 25, 2007

How I Loathe Car Accidents

AAARRRRGHHHH! (This is by no means an endorsement of the Pirates movie that came out today! I do want to see it though.)

I was about to post a silly little picture of a toy car crash on this article and my computer at work absolutely will not let me. I get 'error on page' message at the bottom of the browser. Well, I guess you guys will have to do without the images on the blog until I can edit them from home.

Anyway, I was at work Wednesday sucking up some much needed overtime, when I receive a call from my better half at around 330 P.M. She tells me, "Another lady hit me in the turning lane by the Interstate!"

Of course being the loving husband I am I ask, "Are you O.K.?"

She replies shakily, "Yeah, but I can't get home to the girls because the police were just called."

Even though we are in a small outage at work with plenty of maintenance still going on, I have to pick up and go home. The kids were fine, but mom was very upset when she arrived home.

Let me preface this little anecdote by saying that I respect the police tremendously, and I know they have a very difficult job.

However, in this case, I think this guy really didn't want to start his shift with an accident report that did not have anyone hurt. He explained to the two parties involved in the accident that if he filled out an accident report, that it would go on both drivers records 'forever.' Next, he asked if both ladies would like one done. Well, both ladies were somewhat shaken and they replied 'no.' There was little damage to either car, but there was damage that needed to be repaired. He suggested that both parties take care of the repairs on their own without insurance involvement. Let me tell you, this accident was NOT my wife's fault and I AM NOT going to repair our car with our own money when someone else hits us.

The lady that hit my wife's car, I will tell you, is a very respectable person. She called her insurance company and admitted fault in the accident. If this woman would not have been a very scrupulous person, then we probably would be fighting insurance companies to repair our car.

I later found out that there is a way we could get a legal document from the city that would assist us if it came to litigation. I am happy to say that, at this moment, everything seems to be going O.K.

BTW, my wife is fine and the car is not that damaged. I am getting it repaired because it is only 2 years old and we are planning to keep it for a while.

Geaux Lady Softball Tigers at their Super-Regional!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Wednesday on the Bayou

I have been fighting this darn site for two weeks now. I don't know if it the computer system at work that won't let me update My Favorite Sites list. It sure is frustrating that I can't post any links to some of my favorite sites. See, I update this blog mostly when I work nights and weekends here at the plant. I generally have more time to post stuff at these times. When I am at home, I usually have other things to do and it slips my mind to try my computer at home.

I want to thank Kate for coming onto the site and posting a comment. Thanks, Kate for taking the time to come and look at the site. I will be visiting your site often to see what is going on in your little 'slice of heaven.' I know that I write about things you aren't generally interested in, but sometimes I might actually surprise you with a rare bit of wit.

BTW, Kate. The dance recital that I went to was my step-daughter 'C.' She did a great job. She is going to change dance schools next year, though. Her new school has a top-notch ballet teacher who is 'no-joke' and teaches ballet the way it is supposed to be taught. It doesn't hurt that the new school is run by a guy that works out here and his wife. It is a complete performing arts school, not just dance. Their 'Showcase' last week was pretty cool mixing the dance classes with some musical numbers. Great job, Larry with the showcase. We'll be sending C. and K. this summer to your summer 'mini-musical' camps. They are very excited about it.

Man, how can you get more classical than Degas' Ballerina? I bet you guys didn't think I had it in me, did ya?

Oh, I want to say hello to Shelby, who might be visiting sometime in the future. Now, I don't want anyone to hold it against him that he is a Crimson Tide fan. He is a pretty good fella that my brother-in-law introduced me to a few years ago. Shelby, I just wanted to give you a 'shout-out' and come by often. Dude, you know my email and keep writing and visiting the blog. If you see something interesting feel free to comment. I'll also want any scoop on your new coach as his career is disected at Alabama.

Please forgive me, I know this post has been all over the place but I didn't want to make several different posts.

Saturday, May 12, 2007



I had an awsome post that I was working on this morning. I got an alarm outside and went out to take care of it. I came back inside and. . . DAMMIT, the computer logged off before I could have it saved. Oh well, I guess sometime today, while dreading the upcoming dance recital tonight, I'll post something.

BTW. . . I am back from the dead! I'm going to try to post more consistantly. If you're reading this, check out for the Friday Cheesecake. It is well worth the time. Also, check out for some additional good stuff. These two blogs are updated daily and are sure to make you chuckle. By the way, I want one of those EDSBS shirts. I might just have to purchase one.