Monday, June 15, 2009

Hot, Hot, Summer

It is freakin' hot here in South Louisiana. To make it worse, it hasn't rained in a couple of weeks, which makes everything that is not normally dry, well...dry. I had to get out this morning to water the plants in the front of the house because Mrs. Purpletiger is worried that they will die. To be quite honest, I wish they would die so that we could do something else with that space. But wait...that would mean I would have to go outside to work on something. Shit on that! I'm enjoying my time off from work, recovering from knee surgery.

I'm having a pretty good time on as well. Those cats on that site post some pretty funny shit about, well, everything. They talk about LSU stuff, but other things as well. If you haven't gone over there, it is very worth your time.

I know that I haven't posted very much for the last few months, but I hope to get in the groove by writing more.

BTW, GEAUX TIGERS! Take the CWS crown from all of those clowns. Man, I wish I was there!