Saturday, May 08, 2010

The Gulf Oil Rig Disaster

I have been fascinated by this event since it happened late last month.  Since I work in the chemical manufacturing industry, I don't have much working knowledge about the oil industry.(Even though my parent company is a global oil and gas based company) 

If you've been reading this blog at all, you know that I am pursuing a career in Occupational Safety and Health.  I tend to read about disasters to try to learn what happened to contribute to the overall event.  The Chemical Safety Board website ( is a great site for past investigations on industrial accidents with videos that describe various events.  I don't think the CSB will be involved with this particular disaster, so I had to go to other sources for information.  If anyone that visits this blog is interested, a website that is dedicated to the state of the oil, gas and energy industry has some really great information about this particular disaster among other things.  Visit to get a thorough possible explanation of the rig explosion.  A detailed discussion takes place about the response efforts, as well.

Happy Mother's Day everyone.  I'll be at work, but those of you who have normal jobs, enjoy your time off with your mothers.

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